Sexy, sassy and bold- Mojobeebee swimwear is based out of the North Shore of Oahu where each piece is hand-crafted with love by designer/seamstress Joli Johnston. 


Mojobeebee as a brand focuses on the image of personal growth and empowerment while living in harmony with nature and all the other beings. Too often we see damaging images of consumption in advertisement- buy more, drink more, compete and follow all your impulses because yolo right? Mojobeebee exists as a direct balance to the growing disillusionment with the low-quality production and the drama obsessed culture that keeps it afloat.  Focusing on quality, ethics, self-love, abundance as a state of mind, sustainability as a way of life, allows Mojobeebee to join the niche of conscious business. 


Mojobeebee raises awareness about the importance of caring for and participating in the natural world through social media.  The conscious consumer is growing tired of this fast, soul-less, fashion model where no one knows where it came from, who made it, the conditions of their factory, where their waste goes. True transparency would put the entire industry out of business for human rights and environmental violations. But this is the ethical revolution where we can now actively create and participate in the world we want to make. 


We're returning to our original production method where each piece is made to order at the time of purchase by me, for you. Waste reduction is a constant consideration and this production model cuts out all the suits that no one buys by the end of season.  All thread used is made from recycled polyester as well as the EcoEnclose packaging which are 100% post-consumer materials. We source recycled fabric whenever possible and maintain at least a 50% ratio of recycled to conventional fabrics. We also recycle all fabric scraps through trusted channels. 

Purchasing power baby! When you buy from Mojobeebee, you KNOW your suit is being sewn by a small business owner who's committed to the vision of sustainable fashion where waste reduction, love for the environment and humanity's growth is of utmost importance. 

Help us reduce our impact by checking out our MYSTERY BOXES with clearance deals on our 2017 collection. We recycle all our scraps, but why let a perfectly good bathing suit go to waste when it can be your new summer staple?


Custom sizing has also returned! Email mojobeebeekinis@gmail.com to get your suit tailored to your specifications.  Miss an old style, but love our new fabric? Shoot us an email.