Mojobeebee and Barrio Vintage come together at the Surfjack Waikiki to capture the earth child in the city — an interplay of opposites, a sacred feminine presence coexisting in the busy circuitry of the inner city jungle. Just as the ouroboros represents creation from destruction, the past primes the present forging something infinite and archetypal. The duality of light and dark, old and new, nature and urban all coalesce into the now which is constantly unfolding. 

Fae & Fern

The power of three is always present in spiritual ritual and something about the combination of Mahina Alexander, Ilikea Snow and owner/designer Joli Johnston culminates in nothing short of magic. We ventured to the North Shore of Kaua'i to photograph our newest styles of Mojobeebee 2016. After toying with different locations to shoot, we inevitably found ourselves back in our natural habitat, the forrest. Growing up in Hawaii, we all shared an affinity to the etherial and astral realms ever present in nature. Our power of three manifested this day in the amplification of our strengths, creating something evocative of the very essence of Mojobeebee. This dreamy adventure inspires us and hopefully you to reconnect to nature, consciousness and ultimately the divine feminine.

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite BTS photos. 



Full Wolf Moon in Leo

"How are you feeling about yourself these days? About how others are seeing you? The key factor may be how much of your real self you are showing. The 2016 Leo Full Moon encourages reveling in your most creative, authentic self and noticing who gets you, who’s joining the revels and who absolutely does not.


It’s neither trivial nor selfish. Incentive has been pouring down on you to drop pretense, strip away masks and posturing, and just be yourself. It’s been increasingly apparent which trappings, connections, goals and priorities feel right and which do not. Now comes a progress report with a call for action. It’s time for another round of cutting away what doesn’t feel right, appreciative or supportive. Then take a bow and celebrate with what remains.


The moving-on imperative runs deep. It has a long fuse, too. If you don’t feel up to dealing with a particular situation just yet, the time will come. The 2016 Leo Full Moon is forming an action-demanding aspect with Mars, warrior god and ruler of our drive, in the sign of Scorpio. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, so he has an immunity to the often terrifying nature of its bottomless waters.


Logic is giving way to a knowing or gut feeling now. You’re getting a call to value your unique light and be selective about where you invest it. Questions that are likely to pass through your mind now include: Who appreciates you? Who fans and fuels your light? Who shares their light with you in return?


This 2016 Leo Full Moon will simplify a lot. Acting out may be part of the process. If an inner child feels ignored or unseen, it will demand attention, somehow. Bored inner children, on the other hand, may just want to play and have fun, an impulse you have every incentive to indulge."

-Kathy Biehl 


The Aphrodisiac Kitchen Volume I: Cooking and the Self

I am so pleased to announce the first post of my closest friend in the universe. Andreas Joshua Carver has just launched the first installation 'Food as Meditation' in Volume 1: Cooking and the Self:

"Welcome to The Aphrodisiac Kitchen (TAK); an online based journal that explores plant based cooking and human interaction through romantic narrative. Here, at TAK, we believe all healthy food is an aphrodisiac, for she arouses excitement within us. Our themes touch on food and the self, romantic partners, the community, and more. Split by monthly volumes, you can expect a reading & recipe every Monday of the week.

Mother Earth has provided our land with an array of fruits and vegetables. She has given us the opportunity to use food as a language. When we cook for ourselves, our friends, or our partners, we are saying "I love you" in the simplest way. We are giving life to a fellow being through sustenance and health. Providing a homemade meal allows the mind to slow down, be charitable, and offer the warmest of symbolic hugs.

Andreas Joshua Carver, Author & Founder, is a North Carolina native. After living a rather nomadic life around the world, he has finally settled in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. During a 12 year commitment to being meat free, he has dedicated his life to an environmentally conscious diet; therefore, creating this journal for you. He hopes to move more people into their kitchens, expand their food knowledge, and raise awareness about food politics."

The food we eat can either be the safest form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. This notion has been something my friends and I have reconstructed our lives around in past years. Food was once a quick, convenient after-thought. Full of packages and brands we've been conditioned to trust as safe, eaten passively while watching TV or running out the door. We began to reevaluate our relationship to that which sustains us and unlocked a whole new culture of loving yourself and sharing this love with your closest friends. With The Aphrodisiac Kitchen, Carver is bringing back consciousness into the very act that defines our quality of life. I'm so proud to see him stepping out as a conduit of knowledge we've been staved of for so long. If you've been thinking of reevaluating your food or even looking for new fresh recipes, this is an amazing place to start!


Full Moon in Cancer December 25th, 2015


Grandmother Moon shows her fullness for the last time in this calendar year in Mother sign of Cancer on Christmas day!

May her Mother energy hold us all and may the celebration of the birth of Christ consciousness reminds us to love and accept one another in all our colorful diversity. Unity through diversity, for love knows no bounds~~~

Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the always wonderful CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:

“We are blessed this year with a Christmas Full Moon while the Gate of the Winter Solstice is opened. ..”

“This Christmas a beautiful Full Moon will shine on us, but also look for unexpected surprises under the tree as Uranus turns direct.

“This holiday, expect the unexpected! Or do the unexpected! Like turn off all your electronic gadgets and talk with people.

“A Full Moon energizes us in many ways. It pulls at us physically and emotionally, just as it creates big tides in Earth’s waters.

“The best way to work with Full Moon energy is to become aware of what’s been hidden and percolating in the unconscious since the last New Moon…

“This Cancer Full Moon will bring up issues that relate to our truth and our purpose—those beliefs that make you who you are.

“Are you living your truth? Are you standing up for your beliefs? Are you being nurtured by your work and is your work nurturing to the world?

© Copyright 2015 ~CATHY PAGANO. All Rights Reserved

From the inspired KELLEY ROSANO:

“This Full Moon is in close proximity to the winter/summer solstice. Cancer takes you deep inside of Self. Cancer seeks to create a sense of home and family. The experience of nourishing bonds…”

“When you cultivate your inner life. Your Inner Being. Your soul light increases and radiates out to nurture others. This is real beauty. You ultimately realize that home is inside of you. It is the light of your own heart.

“We are all family. We are connected to each other through our heart flame. We are connected to each other through our soul and Higher Self. This is the God stuff of you.  All Are One…”

“Uranus moves direct at the time of the Full Moon. This is a cosmic message for you. It is time to make real changes in your life. Surface changes will not work. It is time to dig deep. What needs to change for you?

“…The Cancer Full Moon speaks to the power of your emotions. Feelings are your indicators. Feelings show you that you are on the right path. . You create music, art and writing from the passion of your feelings.

“Cancer rules feelings. Cancer is about your soul power. You are being asked to nourish and nurture you.

“Be true to your needs. Allow your feelings to guide you because your feelings are your truth. You may be extra sensitive so take good care of you.

“This is a special Full Moon. This is the first time there has been a Full Moon on Christmas since 1977, thirty-eight years ago. It was the year that we discovered Chiron. It was also the year the first Star Wars movie was released.

“Be true to you. Be blessed. Be well. Be safe. You Are Loved.”

© Copyright 2015 ~KELLEY ROSANO. All Rights Reserved

From LEAH WHITEHORSE from Lua Astrology:

“This is the sign naturally associated with family and the archetype of Mother so at this time of year when family gatherings are uppermost in many people’s minds, this energy fits very well. Feelings are heightened, our sensitive side is showing.

“This is perfect for spending time with those we love but with the Moon opposite the Sun in Capricorn and bearing in mind Full Moons can be about crisis just as much as culmination, there is a suggestion that any fractures in family relations could be emphasized by this overly emotional Moon.

“The Moon is trine to Neptune. It’s true that there is a lovely flow of feeling here. It’s generous, it’s compassionate, it’s overflowing, unconditional love…”

“But for those of us without family, for those who are alone without choice, it will be important to monitor the flood of feeling that can arise at this time of year under this highly emotional Moon.

“Surrounded by glistening images of perfect family Christmases and besieged by romantic movies, it can be hard, Capricorn hard, to feel left out in the cold.

“The aspects of this Full Moon are tugging at our heart strings and poignant moments are inevitable. If you’re alone…let that love flow back to yourself. If the holiday means something to you, give yourself Christmas – or give Christmas to someone else, Neptune loves charitable work…”

“There is the potential to bicker…Whilst power dynamics are often a big issue in families that need to be addressed at some point, this may not be the time to do it. Mercury is square Mars in the Full Moon chart so conflicts are ill-advised, especially those that simply try to make a point.

“But there’s no need to sink into a sozzled mess in the corner because this Moon does have much about it that is conducive to warm celebrations. It’s about accepting the roles as they are – even just for one day.

It’s about showing unconditional love, even if your sister/friend/lover/in-law or child is driving you around the bend.

“It’s about remembering that we are all different (Uranus is about to station direct on Boxing day) and to keep communications positive with a Mercury trine to Jupiter perfecting just after Full Moon.

“It’s a time to forgive and forget, live and let live and nurture peace. Raise a glass with Neptune. Hug your loved ones or send out love to the universe…”

© Copyright 2015 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE. All Rights Reserved

From PAT LILES from The Power Path.com:

“What a delight! The Full Moon in Cancer, the sign of the Mother, peaking on the day celebrating the birth of Jesus and very close to the Winter Solstice point.

“Solstice is one of the most powerful points of the year as the axis of the Earth pauses, shifts and moves in the opposite direction…For three days around the solstice points we experience the power of the standstill point and the shift of direction. 

“This Full Moon chart also carries that intensified energy of standstill and shift (called stationing) where a planet goes retrograde or direct changing directions in the form of Uranus stationing direct on December 25…”

“You can expect some unexpected shift in the area where Aries rules in your chart, perhaps your ideas will gain some traction in the weeks ahead, or unexpected opportunity will present it self, or maybe a new attitude of relying on your own inspiration and inner direction will emerge with vigor.

“Uranus is like a giant surge of electricity and can blow out anything not in alignment with the frequency of your future self.  Uranus is the energy of liberation, awakening, and innovation.  Practice and invite in change in your life at all levels.

“Cancer is where we create a home for ourselves where we can feel secure enough to express our emotional needs and get our needs met, where we learn to nurture ourselves and surrender to the comfort of habits.

“The Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet, so she is especially magnanimous and rich in emotional energy, nurturance, receptivity and reflection in her own sign.

“In this proximity to the Climate Change Summit, we heard much about measuring our CO2 emission levels, but not enough mention of the Earth as our Mother or respecting the planet as a sacred, living being honoring her rhythms and cycles and her gifts of fertility, birth and death.

“This Moon squares Vesta in Aries pointing to the lack of commitment to our more feminine emotional and intimacy needs. 

“It points to a need to realign our focus on masculine problem solving and inviting in a broader heart vision of how to heal our planet and ourselves…”

“We all are gaining in our abilities to bring harmony to our masculine/feminine polarities that will in the end make us whole.  Honor yourself for what you have been able to forgive and let go of this year.

“Mercury, our planet of communication, travel, information gathering and thought, is inundated with multiple aspects…”

“You’re going to have to utilize your best communication abilities to keep neutrality and civility operating.  An unexpected blowout might just clear the air though.

“Luckily, Jupiter in Virgo is trining (ease) Mercury, so our better judgment and higher Self will most likely win out.  Venus, too, is willing to add social grace, harmonious vibes and a feminine perspective to Mercury’s predicament.

“All in all, with Cancer’s delight in gathering of the tribes and her rulership of food, hearth and home, the feminine aspect of each of us will most likely create a nourishing environment of good memories, nostalgia, and connection through the heart.

“Let your Full Moon welcome in the transforming nature of love.”

© Copyright 2015 ~PAT LILES. All Rights Reserved

FULL MOON Blessings to all our hearts and a very Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

~with LOVE!