Full Wolf Moon in Leo

"How are you feeling about yourself these days? About how others are seeing you? The key factor may be how much of your real self you are showing. The 2016 Leo Full Moon encourages reveling in your most creative, authentic self and noticing who gets you, who’s joining the revels and who absolutely does not.


It’s neither trivial nor selfish. Incentive has been pouring down on you to drop pretense, strip away masks and posturing, and just be yourself. It’s been increasingly apparent which trappings, connections, goals and priorities feel right and which do not. Now comes a progress report with a call for action. It’s time for another round of cutting away what doesn’t feel right, appreciative or supportive. Then take a bow and celebrate with what remains.


The moving-on imperative runs deep. It has a long fuse, too. If you don’t feel up to dealing with a particular situation just yet, the time will come. The 2016 Leo Full Moon is forming an action-demanding aspect with Mars, warrior god and ruler of our drive, in the sign of Scorpio. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, so he has an immunity to the often terrifying nature of its bottomless waters.


Logic is giving way to a knowing or gut feeling now. You’re getting a call to value your unique light and be selective about where you invest it. Questions that are likely to pass through your mind now include: Who appreciates you? Who fans and fuels your light? Who shares their light with you in return?


This 2016 Leo Full Moon will simplify a lot. Acting out may be part of the process. If an inner child feels ignored or unseen, it will demand attention, somehow. Bored inner children, on the other hand, may just want to play and have fun, an impulse you have every incentive to indulge."

-Kathy Biehl