The Aphrodisiac Kitchen Volume I: Cooking and the Self

I am so pleased to announce the first post of my closest friend in the universe. Andreas Joshua Carver has just launched the first installation 'Food as Meditation' in Volume 1: Cooking and the Self:

"Welcome to The Aphrodisiac Kitchen (TAK); an online based journal that explores plant based cooking and human interaction through romantic narrative. Here, at TAK, we believe all healthy food is an aphrodisiac, for she arouses excitement within us. Our themes touch on food and the self, romantic partners, the community, and more. Split by monthly volumes, you can expect a reading & recipe every Monday of the week.

Mother Earth has provided our land with an array of fruits and vegetables. She has given us the opportunity to use food as a language. When we cook for ourselves, our friends, or our partners, we are saying "I love you" in the simplest way. We are giving life to a fellow being through sustenance and health. Providing a homemade meal allows the mind to slow down, be charitable, and offer the warmest of symbolic hugs.

Andreas Joshua Carver, Author & Founder, is a North Carolina native. After living a rather nomadic life around the world, he has finally settled in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. During a 12 year commitment to being meat free, he has dedicated his life to an environmentally conscious diet; therefore, creating this journal for you. He hopes to move more people into their kitchens, expand their food knowledge, and raise awareness about food politics."

The food we eat can either be the safest form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. This notion has been something my friends and I have reconstructed our lives around in past years. Food was once a quick, convenient after-thought. Full of packages and brands we've been conditioned to trust as safe, eaten passively while watching TV or running out the door. We began to reevaluate our relationship to that which sustains us and unlocked a whole new culture of loving yourself and sharing this love with your closest friends. With The Aphrodisiac Kitchen, Carver is bringing back consciousness into the very act that defines our quality of life. I'm so proud to see him stepping out as a conduit of knowledge we've been staved of for so long. If you've been thinking of reevaluating your food or even looking for new fresh recipes, this is an amazing place to start!